June Marie Looper

The energy in Celestial Studio’s is exciting, but calming. Fox has this gentle way of relaxing the most anxious person. The photos are outstanding. My experience here has made a tremendously good impact on my self esteem. I’m very grateful for being referred to her. 💕

Heidi Tweedell

I finally did a pinup session for myself & had so much fun!! Fox was so knowledgable about posing a fluffy gal like me & made me feel relaxed. It truly was a very eye opening experience for me to see myself as sexy & beautiful. I definitely left afterwards with my head held higher & a bounce in my step. I got my photos & tears came to my eyes as I was looking at them. I saw someone that was fun & beautiful & confident. That is the biggest reason I would encourage anyone to do this. I’m single & have no one to give them to except for myself & that’s just fine with me. I will be using the cake ones for my bakery business. Thank you again Celestial Studios for doing such a great job on my hair, makeup & photo session!!

Anjana Freeman

Fox did professional headshots for me. She was so professional and creative. The pictures came out beautifully. I’ve done a lot of things at Celestial Studios but this was my first time using her photography skills. As always, success! Thanks, Fox!

Maria Boers Morris

I already want another photo shoot, just for the experience alone! She really does bring out the beauty of a woman, not just the face people see each day, but the beauty within!